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      Fuck the DNC and its heard of goats

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      Now if only we could get the Democrat leadership to switch sides to the Democratic side.

      We are an arrogant species, believing our fantasy based "facts" are better than the other person's fake facts.
      If you are wrong, it will be because you are not cynical enough.
      Both major political parties are special interest groups enabling each other for power and money, at the expense of the people they no longer properly serve…
      Always wear a proper mask when out and about. The life you save could be both yours and mine.

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      increasingly short list.  And that list is mostly Dems who differ a bit on social issues, not on anything that would actually help us or cost money to help us.


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      Republicans : We want more money for the Police state

      Dems : We want even more money for the police state

      R’s: We want more money for the MIC

      D’s: So do we!

      R’s: We want to cut unemployment benefits and food stamps

      D’s: Well, we’ll just have to compromise there, maybe halves?

      R’s: We want tax cuts for the rich

      D’s: So do we!

      R’s: We want to sell off public lands and remove all regulations on polluters

      D’s: We will keep things the same until you are back in power

      R’s: we want to put kids in cages and torture people

      D’s: Go ahead! We won’t prosecute you for it. In fact, we will lay the groundwork for the next R to do even worse!

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      I think the two parties differ on who buys them off.

      The Republicans are owned by oil and gas people,extractive industries.

      The Democrats are owned by banks,Wall Street,Silicon Valley,Hollywood.

      The defense and insurance industries own both so called sides.




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      If you give a man enough rope, it will be six inches too short. This is not the nature of rope- it is the nature of man.

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