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  • Omaha Steve (1243 posts)
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    Rescued Mom and Puppies – They Need our Help!

    Use this link to donate: https://theanimalrescuesite.greatergood.com/store/ars/item/80378/?adId=182382&placementId=476039&origin=greatergood.com

    Roxy and her five precious puppies came to the Humane Society of Henderson County, KY from a 911 animal control call. The police officer stated that some of the puppies looked lifeless—the puppies had white gums, sores, and even toes missing. Further examination by the veterinarian showed that they were not simply malnourished. Sadly, Roxy and all of her puppies had been shot by a bb gun and their health was deteriorating.

    The puppies needed to have surgery to remove the bb’s from their infected wounds and vertebrates. Roxy and her babies have all had to go on a special diet, medications, and strict continued care. It’s miraculous Roxy still has all of her puppies alive and getting better. After their recoveries they will all be able to be put up for adoption and find their loving and forever family.

    You can help! Just $5 goes towards helping pay for Roxy and her puppies care and surgeries.

    Zoetis for Shelters is matching $2,500 for animals like Roxy and her puppies so GreaterGood.org can help more sick and injured animals!
    $2,305 has been raised! $695 to go!

    About Roxy and her puppies
    Location: Henderson, KY
    Breed: Shepherd Mix
    Shelter: Humane Society of Henderson County
    Best Trait: Loving!
    Medical Problem: BB gun wounds
    Treatment: Surgical removal of bb’s, medication, x-rays


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  • Shlabotnik (588 posts)
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    1. Vibes for Roxy and her pups

    And hopefully a slow painful fate to the perpetrators of this heinous crime.

    ~ All Good things are Wild and Free ~
  • Marym625 (28366 posts)
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    2. Awe. So very sad

    Poor mama and puppies. I’m glad someone found them and helped.

    I lived near there. I’m not surprised this happened

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