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  • tiamat (674 posts)
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    Resistance Roadshow #Earth2Trump Campaign kicks off Jan 2

    on edit:  This is possibly Soros associated.

    <>  The “resistance roadshow,” spearheaded by the conservation organization Center for Biological Diversity, kicks off Jan. 2, 2017 in Oakland, Calif. and Seattle, and will bring speakers and musicians to 13 other cities before ending on Jan. 20—inauguration day—in Washington, D.C.. It’s aimed at “rallying and empowering defenders of civil rights and the environment” to galvanize a network of resistance.

    The call-to-action states: “We must stand and oppose every Trump policy that hurts wildlife; poisons our air and water; destroys our climate; promotes racism, misogyny or homophobia; and marginalizes entire segments of our society.”

    The call to resist such attacks are well-founded, given that, among other things, Donald Trump has made clear that reproductive rights are threatened, filled his cabinet with climate science deniers, undertaken what appears to be a climate “witch hunt” at the Energy Department, put forth an anti-worker, fast-food executive for labor secretary, called for a U.S.-Mexico border wall, called for a Muslim database, and made sexist comments.

    <> Signatories vow to “stand in resistance to Donald Trump’s assault on America’s clean air, clean water, climate, wildlife, civil rights, reproductive rights, gender and racial equality, and freedom of speech and religion. They will do so by taking action, whether by attending rallies, educating their community members, or maintaining “a compassionate, loving heart while fighting fiercely for the values [they] cherish most <>

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  • Fasttense (1608 posts)
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    1. The link has the route

    Funny how both routes go around where I live. I may join up with them in DC.

  • FanBoy (7983 posts)
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    2. any idea who's organizing this?

    very interesting to me how the “fist” motif is increasingly being coopted by the establishment — and apparently to some soros-financed ‘color revolutions’.

    • tiamat (674 posts)
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      3. biologicaldiversity.org (so sorry, occupy email and I neglected to check source)

      Marcey Olajos, Chair
      Stephanie Zill, Treasurer
      Robin Silver, Secretary
      Matt Frankel
      Peter Galvin
      Todd Steiner
      Todd Schulke
      Terry Tempest Williams

      Executive Director
      Kierán Suckling

      • FanBoy (7983 posts)
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        4. well, i did a quick lookup and found that at least the accusation that

        “biologicaldiversity.org” is soros-funded is out there.  (but I don’t take those too seriously without research, cause every wingnut fundie has his name on their lips today, like someone sent them a mass email)