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    Response by Eggar to my original Question …..

    Eggar (646 posts) (Reply to original post)   January 10, 2017 at 4:48 am Donor
    1. You may wish to use a simple ascii text editor
    Like Notepad in lieu of a heavy format loaded down program like word or such.

    Hi Eggar — and Mnpaul —

    Thank you both for the replies —

    Oddly enough, there is no way for me to reply to you on that thread????

    I am logged in — but no “reply” area to respond to your answer to me.



    I copy clipped the link to this thread.


    Now I open notepad, paste (CTRL – V) or rmb paste or menu – edit paste… however you like your paste. Then save. Add to as you wish. Depending on your browser, some (like a FF user can simply turn on their bookmark toolbar and you then can create folders & subfolders, drag the url into any of the folder headings for later use as well. A good way to get you handy menus back in a lot of browsers it to hit the ‘alt’ key (temporarily brings menu back), view, toolbar, ‘show menubar’ to permanently show the handy menu-bar.  I never knew why browsers opted to hide the handy old menubar

    ONEDIT:  the following pertains to a different problem which I have solved.  But I do reply to WORD problem somewhere in there!!  Finally figured out you were responding to an earlier plea for HELP from me!!  :)

    … that’s a little complicated for me.  I don’t think I made my problem clear — BUT I DID FIND THE ANSWER!!  When I pick up a link from a YouTube video (and there are many subjects I work on where I save links with a little info about the subject) what is happening is when I next open the folder to send the info to someone else, I have to go back to the YouTube video in order to pick up the URL because it has been converted to script — and when you just pick up the script it doesn’t translate to a usable link for the person I am sending it to.

    What I finally noticed, is that if you watch the screen when you post the YouTube link, there is a way to “X” out the propaganda coming along with the link … and when you do that the script goes and you simply have a plain to read (and pass on) actual URL.  So ….. I’m actually OK now.  :)

    I still don’t have a usable alternative to WORD, though I’m sure eventually I’ll figure something out.

    Notebook is good for notes — that’s all.  If I want to write a brief note to someone, it’s a pain.

    Suddenly, every line is three or four lines from the next line — and all over the place.  And by the time I put it together and print it I’ve wasted an hour or more.

    Thank you very much for trying to help — and will keep your advice in mind should I hit into these problems again.  :)



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    1. In order to reply to them, you’ll have to join the Computer Group.

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      2. Thanks — I'll probably do that. :)