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    Return of the Justice Party

    Announced on FB this evening:

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    “We’re not going to accept no more hemming and hawing. No more game playing. Make your stand.”

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  • CNW (2487 posts)
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    1. What they list as their goals are what we all recognize that is missing today

    It sounds like the Green Party platform. Maybe they could unite?

    What they list as their goals are what we all recognize that is missing in todays crappy so called government.

    National Platform

    “We are all responsible for ensuring that our government truly supports life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Justice in the administration of government, now and in the future, will achieve greater prosperity for all, enhanced security, and a more peaceful, sustainable world.” The Justice Party 2013

    The Justice Party will strive to bring about a peaceful nation that respects the inherent dignity of all people, is in harmony with nature, provides equal opportunity for all its people, and obeys and enforces domestic and international law. The Justice Party is committed to eliminate the systemic corruption in government caused by the undue influence of concentrated sources of wealth (both corporate and individual), which has led to many serious ills in our society, including widespread poverty, infant and maternal mortality, expensive and inaccessible healthcare, record incarceration rates, and environmental destruction.

    The Justice Party is concerned far less about party affiliations than it is with the need to join together to rid our government of the corruption, inclination toward empire-building, and amassing of imperial presidential powers, all of which have resulted in immense injustice—economically, socially, and environmentally—throughout our nation and our world.

    We recognize the damage political parties and partisanship have wrought, as feared by some of our most esteemed Founders. We have no interest in becoming yet another political party whose members become more loyal to the party than they are to freedom, sustainability, and true justice.

    The Justice Party is committed to building an effective, broad-based movement—through the electoral process and through educating, organizing, and mobilizing people at the grassroots level—to restore our government to one that serves the public interest rather than narrow private interests. We commit ourselves to the values expressed in our nation’s founding documents: the equality of rights and freedoms for all people; the principled application of the rule of law; limited and well-defined powers of federal and state governments; and the dedication of a diverse yet unified community to “establish justice, ensure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity.” Preamble to the United States Constitution.

    The members of the Justice Party are from all backgrounds, races, ethnicities, faiths or no faith, ages, genders, sexual orientations, occupations, philosophies, and political ideologies, working together to end systemic government corruption and achieve greatly enhanced sustainability of our democracy and our world. The Justice Party was formed to bring the people of our country together to restore the best of what government can be so that it will be truly of the people, by the people, and for the people.

    The Vision of the Justice Party is:

    A peaceful nation and world where social, economic, and environmental justice prevails:

    Social Justice: Every person’s civil and human rights are protected. Everyone has the opportunity to obtain an excellent education from early childhood through college or trade school. Affordable and high-quality healthcare is available for everyone. Government is not controlled by wealthy corporations and individuals, but is truly of the people, by the people, and for the people.

    Economic Justice: All people are provided opportunities for prosperity. Poverty is eliminated. The “middle class” is thriving. Economic protections are provided so that all members of society are secure and treated fairly.

    Environmental Justice: The earth’s inhabitants are safe from catastrophic, human-caused climate disruption. Nature is protected and preserved through sustainable practices. Our air, water, and land (and food supply) are clean and healthy.

    The Mission of the Justice Party is to raise awareness, inspire, organize, and mobilize people of broad diversity in collaborative movement-building and achieving electoral success in order to realize our Vision of a peaceful nation and world where social, economic, and environmental justice prevail.

    The Justice Party’s Platform
    July 9, 2013

    The purpose of this Platform is to define in more detail many of the issues on which the Justice Party will focus as we perform our Mission in pursuit of our Vision. As the Party grows, as we accomplish some of our highest priority objectives, and as circumstances change, additional issues will be added to the Platform. The fact that an issue is not contained in the Platform does not mean the Justice Party does not believe it is important; rather, it means only that it is not among the highest priority issues we seek to address immediately. In addition, we recognize that Justice Party members may differ as to issues that should be included in the Platform and the prioritization of issues. We expect that in many cases issues that are not described in the Platform will be addressed by the Justice Party on an ad hoc basis as events and opportunities demand or allow.

    The corrupting influence of money is systemic in our government, and severely undermines social, economic, and environmental justice. Therefore, we state separately and initially the following:

    Our society and our democracy are pervasively undermined by the corrupting influence of money in our political system. We now have a government in which public policy and laws are bought and sold. Too often wealthy interests are calling the shots in government at terrible expense to the public as a whole. If we can end the corrupting influence of money, many of our nation’s greatest problems can be resolved. Therefore, we vigorously advocate taking all steps necessary to achieve an end to the corrupting influence of money, including, if necessary, a constitutional amendment to achieve (a) the denial of constitutional “personhood” to corporations, (b) campaign contribution limits and full disclosure regarding all contributions, (c) free and equal access for candidates on publicly-owned airwaves, and (d) less restrictive ballot access laws.

    We also support major lobbying reform, including (a) prohibitions against conflicts of interest, such as those inherent in the present revolving door between lawmakers and regulated industries, and (b) public support of lobby organizations representing the public interest in order to balance present, lop-sided corporate advocacy to bring about a government that represents the public interest.

    These are the headings/subheadings, more details on each subheading are noted on the home page. It sounds good.

    I. Social Justice
    Educate our Youth.
    Make Healthcare Available to All.
    Restore our Commitment to Civil and Human Rights.
    Strive for the Internet in Every Household.

    II. Economic Justice
    Create a More Level Playing Field.
    Reduce Income Inequality.
    Strengthen the Social Safety Net.
    Develop a Sustainable Green Economy.

    III. Environmental Justice
    Effectively Combat Human-Caused Climate Instability.
    Protect Our Air, Water, and Food Supply.

    Read more here: