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      With so much happening in the UFO field these days, heads are truly spinning. And not simply from people who have long followed the subject of UFOs, but suddenly many people who had previously never had much interest in it. Many people are asking, why now? Some people have concluded that the efforts of the group TTSA and people like Luis Elizondo and Christopher Mellon are part of an intelligence community psychological operation of deception or even a false flag. 


      Richard Dolan discusses. 




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      Get everybody talking about UFOs and they won’t be paying attention to all the promises Joe has broken.

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        A Simple Game
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        I used to believe starting back in the early 1960’s, but when I got old enough for the thrill to wear off, realized that there is nothing but vague testimonials and poorly faked video.  There was no good evidence.  There are just too many other countries in the world that have no reason to hide real evidence of alien existence if it were real.

        As for the uptick in stories about UFOs?  I think the “don’t look here look over there” has gotten to the point that the only “there” that doesn’t make p our government look bad is is to make us look up.  Space Force, look up up and away (from everything we are actually doing).  The pandemic has caused way too many people to realize that our government can actually do things for common people and not just the military and the 1%. Got to get their minds off of that thought, we can’t have them believe it could happen on a regular basis.

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      I can’t believe people fell for recruiting ads and the real propaganda.

      UFOs and Wuhan Lab Theory were 2 of the 3 theories.

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      Many people have seen something in the sky which could not be explained. Getting evidence of the event in most cases was impossible. So life goes on…

      Now we are getting more of the same, evidence below:

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      aren’t enemies enough.

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      Most Americans fell for either the Bush/Cheney WMD lie or the Mook/Podesta Russiagate lie, so TPTB know how gullible to American government propaganda their audience is. I don’t know what is behind these UFO stories but I can guarantee we aren’t getting M4A, Climate action, or a slashed military budget out of it.

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      David the Gnome
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      Maybe it isn’t.  People ask “why now?”  Why not?  I would say that a lot of people are looking for something to believe in.  If for some of us this is a thing we consider potentially good or hopeful, I don’t think there is anything wrong with that.

      Yes, you could call it gullible even to ask whether there might be something to this – but in that case you may as well also acknowledge that nearly the entire human race is fairly gullible.

      The way I see it…

      Things like this encourage the imagination.  Who hasn’t looked at the stars at night and wondered what might be out there?  Who, in all honesty, hasn’t at least wondered at one time or another whether there might well be ETs among us?  What’s wrong with that?

      Maybe the usual suspects are looking to distract the population – but I would argue that there would be much easier and less bizarre ways to do that.

      In all honesty, I do want to believe.  I do hope that there are more or less decent beings among us that may not be of this earth.  Why?  Because of what we might learn.  Because I think diversity is a good thing – and because I am someone who, in any event, believes in the power and potential of imagination.

      At the very least, we will likely get some decent new books and movies out of this.  At the most… well, could be we are seeing more of these because first contact is imminent.  Why not?

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      I sincerely doubt Trump thought this up on his own- he just happened to be in office when the MIC launched it.    Biden is proposing $17.4 billion for the space force, which is $2.2 billion more than Congress gave them last year.   Looks like there will also be a Space Force National Guard.  People serving in the Space Force are called “Guardians”.  Which I think is odd.  “Combatant” is a word used in conjunction with Space Force.

      Hey, maybe the Space Force is going to just be making sure we can all stream TV with no outages.   Just think – Elon Musk is going to eventually have 12,000 cute little satellites surrounding the earth.  Lots of little eyes in the sky, and consumers will pay for that – Starlink service is $99 a month, with a $499 upfront equipment fee.  It is not going to undercut other internet services, but is going to fund Space-X massively.  And we will be guarding it!  Thinking about this, and Ring, and Alexa and other surveillance stuff already passively accepted – amazing.  I am just musing about possibilities, given how monitored we already are.

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      Ohio Barbarian
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      Harry Reid ordered the Pentagon to release this stuff back when he had real power, and they finally and reluctantly did. Besides, it was leaking out anyway because there was simply too much film, etc., and too many people knew about it. So out it came.

      I suppose it could be turned into a psyop, but I doubt it would be a very effective one. Most people don’t think UFOs are real anyway, so they won’t pay that much attention to this stuff. They’ve got bills to pay and groceries to buy and all that sort of mundane thing. If it’s anything nefarious, it’s an attempt to get more money for the MIC, which is also nothing new.

      What this mainly is is conspiracy theory fodder, grist for the CT mill, and I see that millstone is merrily spinning away.

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      Robot X
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      All these evidence free conspiracy theories used to debunk others perceived evidence free conspiracy theories.

      It’s a conspiracy theory to hide UFOs! No! It’s a conspiracy theory to boost the military budget! No! It’s a conspiracy theory to raise ratings for the media! No! It’s a conspiracy theory to distract from inaction on social issues! No! It’s a conspiracy to…….yada yada yada.

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