Richard Medhurst: The US Has No Power Without Energy (< 1 min.)

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      In a nutshell, this explains how the rules based order is based upon a house of cards.   Not mentioned here is the relationship between consumption/consumerism and energy use…There are many metrics to explain who is responsible for the carbon footprint….China comes to mind as a culprit when one measures national carbon dioxide emissions…But yet there are other metrics due to the fact that atmospheric C02 is cumulative and persists in the atmosphere long after it has been released…By that measurement. Western Europe/the US which lead in carbon emissions since the Industrial Revolution are responsible.  Another measurement is per capita carbon footprint…the last stats I saw had Saudi Arabia as the world’s leader followed by the US and Australia….But Medhurst’s brief presentation brings the military as a contributing factor….Tellingly was George H.W. Bush’s (in)famous words – the American way of life is not up for negotiation….

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