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    Richwood plans to sue drug distributors

    By Daniel Tyson REGISTER-HERALD REPORTER Feb 1, 2017

    Two more West Virginia towns are joining the growing number of cities and counties that are suing pharmaceutical companies and wholesalers the costs of dealing with opioid abuse.

    The small Nicholas County town of Richwood plans to sue three large pharmaceutical distributors, similar to the $47 million case settled by West Virginia late last year.

    The lawsuit against AmerisourceBergen Drug Co., Cardinal Health, Inc. and McKeeson Corp. is expected to be filed next week in Nicholas County Circuit Court.
    The suit, according to attorney Charles “Rusty” Webb, will allege the pharmaceutical distributors caused and contributed to the opioid epidemic and will continue to cause Richwood, a town of about 1,700, to use a large sum of public to deal with the consequences of the opioid epidemic that was “fueled by [their] illegal, reckless and malicious actions” when they flooded West Virginia with prescription medication.


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    1. I wish them luck they'll need it

    I’m going to predict that the drug companies will shift the blame to MD’s who are actually doing the prescribing and to a degree they will be right-they make the stuff but MD’s distribute it to patients

    I remember when oxycodone first hit the market back in the early 2000’s, drug reps coming to clinic where I was worked told us that this drug was meant for use in cases “where addiction was not an issue” a phrase which I and others at the time took as polite wording for terminal cases – like cancer