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    Rigging the Primaries: Interview w/ lawyers leading DNC lawsuit (March 3 2017)

    There is a slight audio problem at the beginning but Mike gets it cleared up pretty quick. Great interview for those wanting to have a better understanding of what has happened so far in the DNC lawsuit. The lawsuit can be followed on a Facebook page dedicated to the suit.

    Attorney Jared Beck states that it is still early in the DNC lawsuit case.

    The case first must move past the Motion to Dismiss stage that was issued on behalf of the DNC. If the judge denies the DNC’s motion to dismiss the case would then proceed to the next level which is Discovery . Attorney Jared Beck would request the case receive Class certification. If approved a  Class wide notice would be issued to allow all Bernie supporters with a claim to join in.

    This may take awhile so Mr. Beck encourages people interested in being involved at this point to stay active in the conversation working to educate and inform people about the case until the case gets to the next stages.

    There is much much more background information on the case discussed in the interview as well:


    Published on Mar 3, 2017
    Real Progressives Mike Sainato speaks with Elizabeth Lee Beck and Jared Beck, the attorneys leading the class action lawsuit against the DNC and Debbie Wasserman Schultz for rigging the primaries!!

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