Ro Khanna Introduces Bill Allowing States to Carve Path Toward Medicare for All

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      Proponents of the new legislation say it would advance the national movement for a single-payer system on a state-by-state basis, especially as the effort at the federal level has been stymied by the Biden administration’s vocal opposition to supplanting the nation’s for-profit system.

      As Khanna’s office explained, the State-Based Universal Health Care Act (pdf) would: creat[e] a waiver to allow states to develop their own plans to provide access to healthcare for all their residents, via access to federal funding streams and regulations flexible enough to support affordable, universal healthcare plans. In order to apply for the waiver, participating states or groups of states must propose plans to provide healthcare coverage for 95% of their residents within five years. After that time, participating states would be required to demonstrate they reached coverage targets and provide a plan to cover the remaining five percent of their population. States that do not reach the 95% target after five years would have to revise their plan to achieve the targets, or risk losing their waiver. Federal technical assistance would be made available for states seeking help in developing and implementing these plans.

      In addition, the bill “requires benefits provided under state plans be equal to or greater than what federal beneficiaries receive now.” If a state’s proposal is deemed acceptable after being evaluated by an independent panel of healthcare experts, the Secretary of Health and Human Services would then approve or reject the waiver application.

      While long-time Medicare for All advocates—including National Nurses United, the Labor Campaign for Single Payer, and Social Security Works—have endorsed Khanna’s bill, expanding Medicare is not the only route to universal coverage outlined in the State-Based Universal Health Care Act.

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