Rogan's interview with Bernie 4.3 million views as of this morning. One of the best things Bernie has done.

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    leftcoast mountains
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    Bernie Sanders appearance on Joe Rogan is currently the most streamed podcast on Apple right now

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    They even talked about this on my local morning news this morning on the “what’s Trending” segment. Of course the main gist was about him talking about aliens ( which I think is the way MSM is trying o frame this as “crazy Bernie”) But they still discussed how the interview has big view numbers.

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    Joe Rogan isn’t necessarily a “coiffed, polished” journalist, but that interview with Bernie was fantastic!  He let Bernie talk and asked good follow-up questions.  I was very heartened by the positive  responses, especially by those whose minds were changed and who now support Bernie.  Lots of folks got educated.

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    Snort McDork
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    Like, Like, Like, Like!

    But it could be second best to Cluster Faux town hall he did a few months ago.

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    GREAT interview because he let Bernie talk without interrupting him to spew corporate lies.  Bernie could speak at length, and quietly.  The ‘aliens’ thing was about 45 seconds at the end and was a joke – typical that mainstream TV would cover that and not the serious substantial hour long discussion.

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    leftcoast mountains
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    5.1 million views now.

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    I subscribe to the JRE feed on Youtube and was thrilled to see his interview with Bernie go online. Great interview. Many of the comments in Youtube said “all the candidates should go on Rogan” and the point is: hardly any (Tulsi and Yang, otherwise) would because they’re scared as hell to be in a one-hour interview format where they’re worried about screwing up their big donor-pleasing soundbites. The turd way’ers and rethugs can only do 15 second soundbites. Bernie is so genuine and true that he can sit there for an hour and talk platform.

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    6.3 milllion now

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    I’m not a fan of Rogan, but I’m glad Bernie got to talk about the issues that matter and that it was well received.

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