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Home Topics in Depth Foreign Affairs Roger Waters narrates documentary on MSM, propaganda, Israeli lobby

  • LaaDeeDaaVA (3236 posts)
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    Roger Waters narrates documentary on MSM, propaganda, Israeli lobby

    The 2-part documentary, produced by Media Education Foundation, provides historical perspective on propaganda – from both the U.S. and Israel – on the Palestine/Israel conflict. Waters narrates the film which features Chomsky, Max Blumenthal, Norman Finkelstein, Phillis Bennis, Rula Jebreal, Peter Hart of National Coalition Against Censorship, MJ Rosenberg (former AIPAC writer), and other Palestine-Israel and ME experts and scholars.

    8.8 stars on IMDB

    Defending the Indefensible – The Occupation of the American Mind (2016)


    IMDB:  Israel’s ongoing military occupation of Palestinian territory and repeated invasions of the Gaza strip have triggered a fierce backlash against Israeli policies virtually everywhere in the world — except the United States. The Occupation of the American Mind takes an eye-opening look at this critical exception, zeroing in on pro-Israel public relations efforts within the U.S.

    Narrated by Roger Waters and featuring leading observers of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and U.S. media culture, the film explores how the Israeli government, the U.S. government, and the pro-Israel lobby have joined forces, often with very different motives, to shape American media coverage of the conflict in Israel’s favor. From the U.S.-based public relations campaigns that emerged in the 1980s to today, the film provides a sweeping analysis of Israel’s decades-long battle for the hearts, minds, and tax dollars of the American people in the face of widening international condemnation of its increasingly right-wing policies. Narrated by Roger Waters, and featuring Amira Hass, M.J. Rosenberg, Stephen M. Walt, Noam Chomsky, Rula Jebreal, Henry Siegman, Rashid Khalidi, Rami Khouri, Yousef Munayyer, Norman Finkelstein, Max Blumenthal, Phyllis Bennis, Norman Solomon, Mark Crispin Miller, Peter Hart, and Sut Jhally.


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  • Smarmie Doofus (596 posts)
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    1. Gotta like the title:

    “Defending the Indefensible – The Occupation of the American Mind (2016)”


    But I strongly suspect they’re going to run into a lot of distribution problems here on the fruited plain.

    OTOH… they know that already.

  • Babel 17 (4236 posts)
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    2. Chomsky in Part 2

    But seeing the slaughter of the refugees in their camp, lined up against the wall by the militias the Israeli military led in, that ends the discussion.

  • Jefferson23 (7274 posts)
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    3. If only this would air on MSM.

    Every person named is hated by the pro-occupation supporters.

  • Doremus Jessup (3137 posts)
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    4. JPR rec

    Fighting for peace is like screwing for virginity. End ALL occupations and bring the troops home.