Rose McGowan calls for the arrest of Prince Andrew and Bill Clinton

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      Ghislaine Maxwell is the latest in a series of high-profile people to be accused of sex crimes. And, according to #MeToo champion Rose McGowan, the time is ripe to put not just her, but Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew behind bars.

      Maxwell was arrested on Thursday and charged with acting as a pimp for pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and lying to the FBI. Some of her victims were as young as 14 years old, according to the six-count indictment filed against her in a Manhattan federal court.

      Her one-time lover and alleged partner in sex crime, Jeffrey Epstein, supposedly killed himself in a Manhattan jail cell last summer, after receiving a similar indictment.

      On Friday, Rose McGowan tweeted a picture of the disgraced couple alongside Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein, whose own sordid history of sex crimes McGowan helped bring to light.

      Weinstein is currently serving a 23-year sentence, but McGowan reckons all three are part of a larger network. “Now get Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew,” she captioned her tweet.

      Prince Andrew’s friendship with Epstein is well documented, and the British royal is accused of having sex with a teenage girl provided to him by the now-deceased diddler. He strongly denies the allegation.

      However, the royal did his own defense no favors when he denied having ever met the victim, before a photograph emerged allegedly showing him embracing her. 

      Clinton’s association with Epstein, too, is a matter of public record, despite the best attempts of liberal pundits to focus attention on the disgraced financier’s relationship with President Donald Trump instead.

      Flight logs show Clinton traveling aboard Epstein’s jet – a Boeing 727 dubbed the ‘Lolita Express’ – at least 26 times, reportedly without his security detail on at least five jaunts. Furthermore, staff at Epstein’s private island, as well as one of his accusers, claim that Clinton visited the sex criminal’s tropical lair at least once. The former president has also been pictured with his arm around another Epstein accuser.

      Maxwell is currently languishing in detention, with the potential fallout of her case still a matter of speculation. However, responding to McGowan’s tweet, commenters named a whole rogues’ gallery they’d like to see go down with her – even those only tangentially linked to the alleged pedophile ringmaster.

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      He hung around quite a bit as well.

      I will admit that it didn’t bother me one bit that the Netflix series showed pics of Bill quite often though.

      In America, “Liberty” means “Free to Die in Service of Capital” - Amfortas the hippie

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      Need to put the rapist Trump on that list too.

      All governments lie to their citizen's, but only Americans believe theirs.

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      but according to one accuser (if I’m remembering correctly), Trump and Epstein had a serious falling-out over her. I think she testified under oath about this in Florida.

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      Trump had private parties with Epstein and the little girls at Mary Logo.

      Then Trump, Epstein and Malaria hung out together a lot, partied together a lot.

      But Trump had some kind of falling out with the perv. I’m sure it wasn’t because Trump objected with Epstein caging children. Probobally Epstein called him fat or dumb.

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      Which, was, and still is for some, the ONLY thing about this whole mess matters to some folks.

      And then I noticed that pictures and flight logs and visitors to Epstein’s island and his ranch in Texas – involved Bill Clinton, mostly.  And when people were crowing that the rich and powerful would be named, I thought, um, no, not the really rich and powerful and protected.    Epstein will have to go, that’s all.  Gee, Prince Andrew.  That’s pretty much it and Prince Andrew, like Prince Harry, is just an “extra prince”.  Pretty much disposable now.  Fergie had alluded to some of  Andrew’s predilections a long time ago, so no surprise there anyway.

      Here’s the thing – Trump is, no matter how horrible he is, a businessman.  He is not going to be caught doing something like that where he can get sued or whatever. IMO, etc.  And Trump has given the rich their tax breaks and bailouts, and I doubt he was currying favor like  our usual politicians do.   Trump benefits too, that’s all.   On the other hand, folks like Bill Clinton exude a fucking wave or aura of being untouchable, know that other rich or powerful or beholden because of favors given, or possibility of favors still to grant, folks have his back.  FFS, Hillary always had his back – her squad of lawyers going after Bill’s “bimbo eruptions” or whatever – which should have barred her from using #metoo for her own political advantage, but then perhaps people are more stupid than I think. Notice how that big painting of Bill dressed in Hillary’s blue dress, and wearing red heels and a smirk, did not get much publicity?  Bill is protected.  That’s all.  He may be offered up once it is clear Hillary will never get Her Precious, though.  A vengeful Hillary in the White House can do a lot of damage.

      I think Trump is at most a bit player in this stuff, out of self-protection, not morality, and I think Maxwell will not make it to trial, because she knows ALL the names.  Just my opinion, and nothing we say here will affect anything that happens, and IMO none of us will ever know much of anything that really happened, ever.  Just enough little leaks to whet appetites and deflect attention.  As usual.

      So good for Rose McGowan, at least the name of a complicit person or two get a little publicity.

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      despite the best attempts of liberal pundits to focus attention on the disgraced financier’s relationship with President Donald Trump instead.

      Russians paying bounties in Afghanistan.

      And if the rich and powerful are held to account for their sexual proclivities, they will still be able to exploit the working class by denying them a living wage, an education, and health care.   This is yet another distraction, albeit a very sordid and titillating one.

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