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  • Jefferson23 (4912 posts)
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    RSVP to watch Keith Ellison and Bernie Sanders speak Wednesday night

    Our Revolution Livestream with Keith Ellison and Bernie Sanders
    Wednesday, December 14, 2016
    8:00pm ET

    The race for the next chairperson of the Democratic Party is heating up. The task ahead of us is to ensure that the Democratic Party is lead by someone who believes in the political revolution, not the political establishment.

    Keith Ellison should be the next leader of the DNC, and on Wednesday he will give a major speech, joined by Bernie Sanders, to talk about his plans for the Democratic Party.


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  • daleanime (2113 posts)
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    1. If the 'democratic party' has any chance of survival…..

    it lays with folks like this.

    When the going gets tough, the tough take care of each other
    • Jefferson23 (4912 posts)
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      2. I think so too. Ya know, with all the Russian hooplah, Bernie is in the

      press everyday going forward, the guy is waiting for no one..he took the lead and owns it, imo.

      • FanBoy (7985 posts)
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        3. he seems to just keep plugging away. i would like to know what his

        vision is, because I lost faith when he went democratic.  it would be good to have hope again

        • Jefferson23 (4912 posts)
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          4. The same as it always was even before his campaign.

          My take on Bernie is this, I took him at his word which from the beginning, he promised to support the nominee. I also believe him when he said, Trump is worse and his plan was to hold Clinton to her word on the platform for Democrats…similar to what he is doing now with Trump. Each time he mentions Trump its about policy, compare contrast what Trump ran on and who his cabinet picks are. How his Carrier deal would actually impact jobs and the greater meaning that Trump will go after union protections.

          Does that mean Clinton would have acquiesced power to his policies? No, but whatever she would have done to undermine good policy, he would call her out. The necessity for a third party is yet to be determined, I suspect we will need to do that…either way, Bernie’s strategy would only leave Clinton to fight for the right policies or she would prove to all those who voted for her she won’t deliver. That only builds further strength and trust for Bernie’s coalition to expand..which it needs to in order to have a viable third party….which is no small feat, politically speaking.

          Now that Trump won instead, we have to fight Trump, the Republicans and the DNC corporate cretins. It turned out the way it did because Clinton was the last Democrat alive to be able to put a positive spin on the Democratic Party. That’s pretty much how I see it and I am hopeful we can build from those 22 states he won..much more than anyone might believe right now.

          • FanBoy (7985 posts)
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            5. seems a reasonable interpretation.

  • Jefferson23 (4912 posts)
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    6. If you support Ellison, please sign the petition.