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    RTW, other anti-union measures pre-filed in Missouri legislature

    As expected, “right-to-work” has reared its ugly head in the Missouri legislature, along with a host of anti-worker legislation designed to cripple unions and lower wages.

    Missouri Gov.-elect Eric Greitens has said passing “right-to-work” is one of his top priorities.

    The “right-to-work” effort is being led in the House by Rep. Holly Rehder (R-Sikeston). Her bill (HB 91) would make it a class C misdemeanor for employers and unions to negotiate a contract requiring members of a bargaining unit to pay dues for service the union must provide under federal law.

    A bill identical to Rehder’s (SB 19) has been pre-filed in the Senate by Sen. Dan Brown (R-Rolla). A similar right-to-work bill (HB 42) is being sponsored by Rep. Bill White (R-Joplin).


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    1. aka "right to die"