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      This forum is intended to be a general knowledge base for things relating to the Corona Virus pandemic. We encourage topics relating real useful and helpful to our general membership, such as how to get help in particular states (both health wise as well as economic and even food bank info) or even local communities and cities. Anything related to how to live with this thing is allowed, including videos.

      Since all info may change over time and may indeed change very fast, the topic must be dated in its first line if not in the title. This is necessary to avoid passing out dated and incorrect info.

      No topics that are considered Speculative, Unverified Content and/or Click-Bait will be allowed in this forum.  No topics concerning such info as to rates, total numbers of confirmed cases or deaths allowed. Those are to be placed in the normal forums such as General Discussion. No stories on politics and/or platforms relating to the virus are allowed, and should be placed into the normal forums for them as well.

      This forum is for useful, truthful and helpful information directly related to surviving the virus. All topics deemed otherwise will be locked immediately by the mods and admins and removed if they determine it to be such.

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