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  • Segami (5994 posts)
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    Russ Feingold Said Democratic Consultants Were RUNNING THE PARTY Back In 2006

    Russ Feingold Said Democratic Consultants Were RUNNING THE PARTY Back In 2006.



    “….As Crashing the Gate chronicles, and as Feingold implied, the Democratic Party has all but turned itself over to highly risk-adverse, overly calculating political consultants who have drained the party of ideals, passion, energy and life. Almost all of them inspire nobody, because they so transparently lack any governing principles or passion about anything. They embrace only those ideas which are guaranteed in advance to be popular, and they run from ideas they believe in and that are right whenever they are told — by the bookish, soul-less consultants who dominate them — that those ideas are risky or unpopular. And everyone sees this and knows this….”


    “…..He explained that had he done that, the matter would have then been vetted by “Democratic consultants” who would have decided to kill the idea entirely before it could even be proposed on the floor. “Our party,” he said, “is too beholden to Democratic consultants….”



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  • Doremus Jessup (3134 posts)
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    1. 0 and 7Bob Shrum.

    The party represents the large donors and the lobby. Period. I would contend that overseers would be a better description than consultants.

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    • daleanime (2633 posts)
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      3. Bingo.

      When the going gets tough, the tough take care of each other
  • ThouArtThat (6142 posts)
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    2. Thank For Validating What Many Have Suspected All Along


    "In America Today, Power Corrupts and Money Corrupts Absolutely" -¬†Anonymous