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    Russia Delivers 36 Tons Of Aid To Needy Syrians

    More than 36 tons of humanitarian aid, including clothes, food and medicines have been delivered to needy Syrians throughout the country in the past nine days, the Russian Center for Syrian Reconciliation said on Saturday.

    Russian forces have carried out about a dozen humanitarian missions directly on the ground and through air lifts in Hama, Deir e Zor, Rif Damashq and Aleppo, including districts of Hananu Al Amaliyah, Qasiliyah and Sheikh Maqsood, as well as Wadi Dahab in Homs.

    “In the Aleppo Province’s Manbij the locals received one ton of bread and 1,000 food sets,” the Center said in statements carried by the Russian news agency TASS.

    There has been easier access to civilians since Aleppo was recaptured by government forces in December leading to a nationwide ceasefire that is still largely holding.



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