Russia will close grain route if Crimean Bridge explosives were smuggled over it

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      ASTANA, October 14. /TASS/. Russia will close the grain corridor if it is confirmed that the explosives used in the terrorist attack on the Crimean Bridge were smuggled out of Odessa on a grain truck, but this fact has not yet been established, President Vladimir Putin told reporters on Friday.

      “The FSB stated that, most likely, this so-called cargo, explosives, was carried by sea from Odessa, but it has not been definitively established whether this was done with the help of grain trucks or not – that’s the question. There is no answer yet,” he said.

      Putin recalled that grain corridors were set up under the pretext of exporting products to the poorest countries. “But if <…> it turns out that humanitarian corridors are being used to commit terrorist acts, then, of course, this will call the functioning of this [grain] corridor into question,” he said.

      ..snip… Speaking at a plenary session of the Eastern Economic Forum, Putin noted that almost all the grain exported from Ukraine went to the EU countries, and not to the poorest countries.


      If explosives or weapons were smuggled through Odessa, it wasn’t a bug in the agreement, it was a feature. Everyone including Russia had to know that. But now that the port has been de-mined, I expect a swift end to the agreement, and swift capture by the Russians.

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      Plenty of neighboring land, and Ukraine can’t mine the air.

      But I hope it’s more swift than protracted – Odessa is a lovely city, and we would like to be able to visit again!

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