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      Since we have so many Putin puppets here, I thought this video might come in handy.

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      Would be Max from St. Petersburg:

      I like him because (1) you can turn on closed captions in English; (2) new words, phrases and colloquialisms are put up on screen and defined; (3) he enunciates clearly and never mumbles and (4) he covers everyday topics so you can develop a good vocabulary.

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      NV Wino
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      I think “Because, fuck you” sums it up nicely.

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      My fiancee says English is harder.  Russian pronunciation is more consistent, but in English you just have to know the pronunciation of many words.

      Think through, thought, bough and slough just as examples.  And for the last, is it “slew” or “stuff”?  You don’t even know until you find out if it’s referring to a river or a snake!


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      Passionate Progressive
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      Thank you for posting this.

      It’s important to understanding Russian culture to recognize there are linkages between the Slavic language and Eastern (vs. western/Latin) orthodoxy…And under Putin – he has introduced the concept of pluriculturalism vs. multi-culturalism (as in the US)….I heard Putin discuss languages and the Soviet WWII experience and how the Soviet Union with so many (>100) ethnic groups, all came together to fight for the Soviet Union…Children in schools were required to learn three languages – their ethnic tongue, Russian and a third language.

      I’ve found this site helpful to keep my language skills honed – that is reading; and trying to learn to converse.

      This site also offers online classes – ‘boot camp’….

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      but I give up.

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      So Far From Heaven
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      I’m just making sure I didn’t crash the damn site just now….

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