Russian Kherson Withdrawal: Trap? Or Necessary Chess Move? (The New Atlas)

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      Russia’s Ministry of Defense has announced the withdrawal of Russian forces from Kherson city to the east bank of the Dnieper River. This was alluded to 3 weeks ago by General Sergey Surovikin and for the purpose of weathering Ukraine’s all-or-nothing offensive while preserving Russian manpower and equipment. While Russian forces have successfully defended the city until now, even the slightest possibility of Ukrainian forces overwhelming Russian troops on the wrong side of the river would result in a defeat of historic proportions. Russia has now eliminated that possibility.




      Both of these people are saying, Russia is leaving Kherson. It seems Russian Military of Defense and Russia Media are saying the same thing.

      My understanding of the retreats is limited, therefore not an authority, yet NATO propaganda will make the most of this event. It seems also, Russia really wants to limit the number of casualties sustained in this conflict. My real hope is, this war ends sooner than later.

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      He’s the head of the Chechen Republic and a Colonel General in the Russian army.

      🇷🇺 Kadyrov – about leaving Kherson:

      Surovikin saved a thousand soldiers who were actually surrounded. After weighing all the pros and cons, General Surovikin made a difficult but right choice between senseless sacrifices for the sake of loud statements and saving the priceless lives of soldiers.

      Kherson is a very difficult area without the possibility of a stable regular supply of ammunition and the formation of a strong, reliable rear. Why was this not done from the first days of the special operation? This is another question. But in this difficult situation, the general acted wisely and far-sightedly – he evacuated the civilian population and ordered a regrouping.

      The fact that Kherson is a difficult combat territory was known to everyone from the very first days of the special operation. The soldiers of my units also reported that it was very difficult to fight in this area. Yes, it can be kept, it is possible to organize at least some supply of ammunition, but the cost will be numerous human lives. And this forecast does not suit us.

      Therefore, I think that Surovikin acted like a real military general, not afraid of criticism.

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      Withdrawing from Kherson:

      Pros –
      1. You’re not dealing with supply issues of relying on pontoons and bridges that are being targeted every other day
      2. The manpower needed to defend the Dnieper river will be much less than to defend Kherson
      3. You free up assets for an attack in the Donbas
      4. You secure a flank with the Dnieper river as your barrier
      5. Narrowing the frontline, which favors the side with less manpower and more artillery (Added)
      6. Prevents the destruction of Kherson city if the Ukrainians were to succeed in an offensive (Added)
      7. Prolongs the stalemate situation until the Russian mobilized arrive (Added)

      Cons –
      1. Major political defeat, losing a capitol city of one of the new territories
      2. Ukrainians now free up forces to be used in the Donbas
      3. Ukraine secures their flank
      4. You lose a strategic bridgehead across the Dneiper that won’t be easy to get back
      5. Potential of increased support from the West in aid and equipment (Added)
      6. Ranged systems like HIMARS can now potentially strike targets in Crimea (Added)
      7. Potential threat of internal unrest (Added)
      8. International perspective of Russia may be altered (Added)
      9. Ukrainian war crimes, war crimes propaganda by the Ukrainians, on remaining civilians that refused to evacuate (Added)
      10. Morale boost to Ukrainians, decreased morale on the Russian side (Added)


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