Russian warship Admiral Makarov ‘on fire after being hit by Ukrainian missile’

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      Ship was sailing near Snake Island when hit, say reports

      Liam James

      <time datetime=”2022-05-06T13:47:15.000Z”>3 hours ago</time>

      Russia’s Admiral Makarov warship has been hit by Ukrainian missiles and burst into flames, according to Ukrainian officials.

      The frigate would be Russia’s latest high-profile naval loss in a troubled campaign, coming after reports that US intelligence helped Ukraine locate and sink the Russian warship Moskva weeks ago.

      The Makarov was said to have been sailing close to Snake Island in the Black Sea south of Odesa.

      Ukrainian presidential adviser Anton Gerashchenko reported on his Telegram page that the Admiral Makarov was hit by a Ukrainian “Neptune” anti-ship missile. He cited Russian sources.

      Link to source…

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      Q: Returning to the Moskva — are there any restrictions that you can talk about that U.S. would include Ukraine in its use of American intelligence so as not to, you know, risk further escalation and conflict?

      And then there’s — secondly, there’s a report out there about a second patrol ship — Russian patrol ship that’s been struck, and if there’s anything at all you can say about that?

      MR. KIRBY: Yeah, we’ve seen the reports about this second. I think they’re saying that the — the reporting out there, at least in social media, was a Russian frigate. We’ve been looking at this all day and we have no information to corroborate those reports.

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