S. Korea’s Yoon resorts to blatant gagging of the press

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      The presidential office’s decision to prohibit MBC reporters from boarding the presidential jet during President Yoon Suk-yeol’s tour of Southeast Asia, scheduled to span from Friday through Wednesday, is rousing wide-spanning criticism.
      Restricting the journalistic activities of a broadcaster that has been critical of the administration while citing “manipulated, distorted, and biased reporting” is unprecedented. Several local media organizations and the Seoul Foreign Correspondents’ Club have strongly condemned the decision, with some calling it “an obvious challenge to the media’s freedom of speech.”


      ABC news and washington post also covered this story. Even ultra conservative tool DongA media in South Korea was critical. DongA is often a participant in Yoon scheme’s to defame and prosecute political rivals and critics by leaking fabricated prosecution files unlawfully to the press. The practice is known as Press-Prosecution collusion. Yoon has been doing this for years and did it during the presidential election. He is investigating and arresting numerous high ranking ministers and officials of the Moon Jae-in administration currently on falsified accusations.

      This is first instance where the western press has recognized Yoon’s authoritarian abuse of powers. The defense that he was freely elected therefore he isn’t a dictator is simply a specious argument. Just before the presidential campaign, he eliminated a major rival from the presidential field, Cho Guk, with false accusations, an indictment and a the jailing and political prosecution of his wife. He also had conservative party members file criminal libel complaints against critics of his role as Prosecutor General and the corruption of his wife and her family to shut them up during the campaign.

      Yoon has the personality of a gangster, and is a dictator in all but name. The recognition that he seeks to suppress press freedom is a belated one, that only represents the tip of the iceberg with respect to his abuse of power and illegal changes to South Korean government structure to implement his police state.

      The only reason DongA media criticizes Yoon for restricting MBC, is because they know it’s bad form to allow foreign media to understand his authoritarian character because it might invite more thorough examination of his authoritarian rule and past record. Yoon is a corrupt thug who has been abusing his government offices and powers for years.

      惑世誣民 혹세무민

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