Sanders and Jayapal: The Pandemic Has Made the US Healthcare Crisis Far More Dire. We Must Fix the System

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      Before the pandemic, 87 million people were uninsured or underinsured in our country, and more than 30,000 people died every year because they couldn’t get to a doctor when they needed to see one. More than half a million families declared bankruptcy each year because of medically related debt. One out of five Americans could not afford the outrageously priced prescription drugs their doctors prescribed to them. And our healthcare outcomes, from maternal deaths to life expectancy to infant mortality, lagged behind most other industrialized nations.

      And for all of that, the United States still spends nearly $11,000 on healthcare for every adult and child – more than twice the average of other major countries.

      That was before the pandemic. The situation is far more dire now.

      Over just the last five weeks, more than 26 million Americans have lost their jobs and now face a crisis unique among advanced countries: for most of them, their healthcare was tied to their jobs. In America, unlike any other major country, when you lose your job, you lose your healthcare. As a result, up to 35 million Americans are estimated to see their health coverage disappear in the middle of this Covid-19 nightmare. And premiums for those who retain their health insurance in this crisis could increase by up to 40% . As horror stories circulate of $34,000 coronavirus medical bills, the uninsured remain terrified of going bankrupt just to get tested and treated for Covid-19. In many cases, they just cannot afford to go to a doctor or the hospital.

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      then so what? He turned on his base. He broke up his team. When they tried to support him he rebuked them and he’s letting Jeff Weaver run what’s left of his campaign into the ground.

      vote for nobody

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