Sanders Denounces ‘Morally Obscene’ Wealth as Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Steps Down

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      Sen. Bernie Sanders on Monday marked Amazon founder Jeff Bezos’s last day as CEO of the company by reiterating his call for a wealth tax and denouncing the fortune amassed by the world’s richest person as “morally obscene. Jeff Bezos makes some $2,537 every second of the day…nearly three times more in one second than the median worker in this country makes in an entire week,” said Sanders.

      Bezos has an estimated net worth of over $200 billion, while the average U.S. household has a net worth of $748,000 according to the Federal Reserve. U.S. Census Bureau data shows Bezos’s wealth is 739,489 times the median net worth of Americans who have reached retirement age.

      Bezos will stay on as Amazon’s executive chairman while focusing on philanthropic work as well as Blue Origin, his private space venture through which he is scheduled to join three crew members on the company’s first suborbital flight later this mont

      Last month, Sanders vehemently objected to a Senate bill amendment that could award $10 billion in additional funding to Blue Origin, expressing concern that Bezos and SpaceX founder Elon Musk “deciding that they are going to take control over our space industry.”

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      till they include a billionaires tax to pay for the additional defense spending.  Oh I see, you cannot do that because then you would actually be taking a stand against Bezos instead of just paying lip service to the deluded liberals.  I wonder why I paid so much for your campaign in 2016 and 2020.

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