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    Sanders fiercely defends Mueller, warns of constitutional crisis


    This past Christmas weekend, there existed a tale of two political figures: President Trump continued his attack on the FBI, and he publicly displayed his paranoia over the dossier compiled by former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele. Meanwhile, Sanders warned the nation that if Trump fires Mueller or pardons suspects or witnesses in the investigation, he will provoke a constitutional crisis.

    Reasonable people might ask what compelled Trump, when so many Americans were singing Christmas carols and exchanging gifts, to use the holiday weekend to continue his vendetta against the FBI through his false accusation that investigations of the Russia scandal are witch hunts and to continue his repeated attacks against the Steele dossier.

    The most likely answer lies in a concept commonly used by lawyers in criminal cases called “consciousness of guilt.” This means that lawyers, judges and juries will consider the behavior of a suspect to determine whether the suspect acts in a way consistent with innocence or guilt.

    While I have never offered a declarative opinion about the ultimate innocence or guilt of Trump or others in the Russia scandal, Trump sure acts like someone who believes he is guilty and not like someone who believes he is innocent.

    By contrast, Sen. Sanders, who I would call one of the great truth-tellers in American politics today, is a straight shooter who believes in straight talk

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