Sanders meets with Hispanic lawmakers

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      Bernie Sanders met privately with Hispanic lawmakers on Tuesday.

      Sanders, who has aggressively courted Latino voters in his 2020 bid for the White House, is the third presidential candidate to sit down with Latino members under the auspices of BOLD PAC, the fundraising arm of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus. Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren have also talked with BOLD PAC.

      Sanders spoke about immigration, Medicare for All, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals and other issues, including his family’s immigrant roots. A Latino caucus member in the room said several undecided lawmakers were present, and that Sanders did not exclusively talk about economic issues.

      “It was not what I expected. It was pretty impressive,” said the member. “He was very comfortable with us. He impressed the caucus, to be honest.”

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      He also has the former/current Mayor of Puerto Rico on his campaign. So that should go a long way too. Back in the beginning of the year/campaign, she went to L.A. to I guess organize the Hispanic vote there. So far, so good.

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