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      Not just the nomination, but the presidency.

      This opinion piece, published in the NY Times, is written by a neoconservative columnist who admits he was a “Sanders can never win” type. In this essay, he admits he was fooling himself and many others are, too, because they don’t want Sanders to win.


      “The first principle,” said Richard Feynman, “is that you must not fool yourself — and you are the easiest person to fool.”

      When it comes to pundits and politics this year, I’d revise the great physicist’s admonition as follows: “The first principle is that you must not fool yourself that Bernie Sanders can’t win — not just the Democratic nomination, but also the presidency itself.”

      The warning applies to me as much as to anyone else who has spent the past months, or years, insisting that the senator from Vermont doesn’t have a chance. What it comes down to is this: We don’t want Sanders to be elected, so we tell ourselves he can’t.

      According to the theory, Sanders’s support has a hard ceiling: It may be intense, but it’s also cultlike and off-putting. Too many Americans know enough about socialism to want a president who wears the term proudly (even if he insists it’s of a more benign variety). He embraces nearly all of the same policies, like Medicare for all, that raised Elizabeth Warren high in the polls but are now dragging her down.


      I wish I could snip more than four paragraphs because the writer then goes into a comparison and contrast of Sanders with Trump.

      Take a look at who this writer is by reading his Wikipedia entry.

      He writes for major publications and has held numerous prestigious positions in journalism, but he is no stranger to controversy.

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      Stephens is also known for his climate change contrarianism,[49] and his mainstream media appointments have given him a prominent voice on this subject.[50] He has been described as a climate change denier;[45][51][52][53] Stephens disavows this term, and calls himself “agnostic” on the issue.[54][55]

      Send this guy to Australia.

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      Note how the chosen photo frames him with a bloody vag.

      Destruction is easy; creation is hard, but more interesting.

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      There’s something unsettling about seeing people reach the correct conclusion with ‘facts’ that are wrong.

      When the going gets tough, the tough help each other.

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      shoot! this is behind a pay wall. Is it ‘legal’ for someone else to paste in a couple of paragraphs? please?

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      Jan Boehmerman
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      Bret Stephens is a war mongering neo-con.  I don’t care to read any of his shit!  …. Period!

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