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      8. What, if any, additional steps should the United States take to remove Nicolás Maduro from power in Venezuela?

      My administration would support the negotiations between the Maduro government and the opposition, and work with other countries in our region, and the international community, to support the Venezuelan people’s right to build their own future. The United States should support the rule of law, fair elections and self-determination in Venezuela, as we should elsewhere. We would condemn the use of violence against unarmed protesters and the suppression of dissent. We would also listen to the voices of Venezuelan activists themselves who warn against broad sanctions, such as the Trump administration’s oil sanctions, that mainly punish the people, not the government. My administration would not be in the business of regime change. The United States has a long history of inappropriately intervening in Latin American countries; we must not go down that road again.

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      Good on Bernie to state his administration would not be in the business of regime change. I hope he focuses on that kind of phrasing in the debates and in his stump speeches going forward. The American people don’t support regime change and will be receptive to this framing of the discussion.

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      I can’t recommend this enough. The one area where a president has the most power is foreign policy, and Bernie is head and shoulders above all of the other candidates who responded to this survey. Unfortunately, the Council on Foreign Relations didn’t even ask Tulsi, for I’m sure she would have responded. A pity, because I was going to criticize her favoritism towards India. Oh well.

      Warren was asked, and her replies are well worth reading. Most of them are fuzzy on details, while Bernie offers far more specifics. When she is specific, sometimes she’s reprehensible, as when she calls Maduro a dictator and solely blames him for the poor state of the Venezuelan economy. Most of the time, she’s all hat, no cattle.

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