Sanders Pushes Back Against GOP, Says US Must “Address Human Infrastructure”

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      Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont), however, is pushing back on that idea. Sanders and other Democrats and progressives argue that infrastructure is not just about the physical infrastructure around us, but rather also about people and the public’s ability to survive and thrive in the U.S.

      For instance, Sanders noted on Tuesday that the U.S. is 39th in global rankings for life expectancy by country — with some ranking the U.S. even lower on the list. “Rebuilding our infrastructure is not just roads and bridges,” Sanders tweeted. “The new reconciliation bill must include protecting the planet, health care, education, housing and providing for the needs of a long-neglected working class.”

      Meanwhile, Sanders argues, the infrastructure plan can help to address how the U.S. is falling behind other countries in “providing for working class families, the elderly, and the children” and said on CNN that the U.S. is facing a human infrastructure “crisis.” Quality of life indicators like union membership, how much of the economy goes toward paying workers, the minimum wage and health care costs are all uniquely poor in the U.S.; the country has become an anomaly among other wealthy countries in terms of social measures.

      Economists like Nobel Prize winner Joseph E. Stiglitz of Columbia University agree that the infrastructure plan should include improvements to human infrastructure. “The Biden administration’s commitment to making investments in the ‘caring economy’ makes sense from the perspective of the quality and quantity of growth,” wrote Stiglitz in the Boston Globe. “We can’t expect to have a strong economy in the future if 20 percent of young people grow up in poverty without a good pre-K education or adequate health care.”

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      and push against the GOP wing of his own allies in the Democratic Party.  Then and only then will we see any progress.

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