Sanders Says He Has 50 Votes Needed to Pass a Broad Budget Plan

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      Senate Budget Committee Chairman Bernie Sanders said he has the votes to pass a broad budget resolution next week, a key step in enacting President Joe Biden’s economic agenda.

      The Vermont independent’s comments mean all 50 senators who caucus with Democrats are onboard with passing a resolution that could lead to follow-on legislation totaling $3.5 trillion to address priorities such as climate change, the tax code, health care, and immigration.

      The budget package has been linked to a bipartisan infrastructure bill totaling $550 billion that the Senate could pass in the coming days.

      “It is my absolute conviction that you’re not going to have a bipartisan bill unless you have a reconciliation bill of $3.5 trillion,” Sanders told reporters. “The working families of this country, the children of this country, the elderly people of this country deserve to have their needs met, and we intend to do just that.” Sanders’ comments came just hours after Senator Kyrsten Sinema, an Arizona Democrat, said she wouldn’t support spending $3.5 trillion on the package, potentially complicating her party’s efforts.

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