Sanders Says He’s Got “No Problem” With Mounting a Pressure Campaign on Manchin

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      Speaking specifically about centrist Sen. Joe Manchin (D-West Virginia), Sanders said he had no qualms with going to that senator’s home state in order to showcase how the popularity of ideas like Medicare for All and the $15 minimum wage.

      “I have no problem with going to West Virginia,” Sanders said, “and I think we need a grassroots movement that makes it clear to Joe Manchin and everybody else in the United States Senate, including Republicans, that the progressive agenda is what the American people want.”

      Sanders acknowledged that the progressive wing of the party would probably not “get everything we want” in a number of bills, but stressed he and others would push “as hard as we possibly can” to get those policies supported by centrists like Manchin.

      A number of progressive ideas that Sanders has pushed for are indeed supported by most West Virginians. One poll conducted by GBAO research in February, for example, found that nearly two-thirds of residents in the state were supportive of the idea of a $15 an hour minimum wage.

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      And “that is not his job”.  Um, yes, it is, pretty much.

      Looks like they would rather see Manchin kill M4A and $15, I assume because Biden is against it.  Oh, the weird and stupid effects of blind partisanship.

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        It is one thing for them to defend Obama and he can give good speeches so I get it but I think they are going to lose more people if they stick up for Manchin the same way they did with Obama.

        Some don’t care if Manchin kills gun control or voting rights. Even when Clyburn is upset at Manchin they take Manchin’s side. They will probably defend him if he kills the infrastructure bill.

        The excuse is always the same that he needs to win his West Virginia seat or they will say he could switch parties and lose the majority which sounds like blackmail to me.

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        Most SVers are old Boomers who are financially set. The system’s worked for them, and they don’t give a fuck about anybody else except for whatever the liberal cause du jour is. Or maybe the corporatist Democrat distraction of the day. They think Bill Clinton and Barack Obama were great presidents, which tells this socialist all he needs to know about them.

        They are patriotic Americans who love the Empire, capitalism, and oligarchy(“Bernie’s a fool to take on Jeff Bezos.” Remember that?) Many are also business owners who despise working people. A lot of them own stock and were offended at the whole Game Stop thing. They are what I call liberal elitists who think the rest of us should either shut up or be shut down.

        The bottom line is that most of them don’t want to see a minimum wage increase, because it might cost them a quarter they next time they order a Big Mac, but they’ll get in line to buy the latest overpriced Apple product.

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