Sanders Shows Growing Strength With Latest Donation Numbers

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      “This is a movement built by working people all across this country,” campaign manager Faiz Shakir said. “While other candidates court big money at fancy fundraisers, this campaign is supported by teachers, retail workers, and nurses who are putting what little money they have behind the one candidate who can bring about the transformative change this country needs.”



      “Our strength is in numbers and we have a million person movement committed to this campaign who can give over and over again,” said Shakir.


      In the first quarter, Sanders raised $18.2 million. Another $18 million from donations in the second quarter, said Center for Public Integrity money in politics reporter Carrie Levine, “signals the campaign has stayed steady.”


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      winter is coming
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      Know whose fundraising numbers we haven’t seen yet?  Harris’ and Warren’s.  I’m guessing they’re weak, and will be released tomorrow while the news is all about Trump and the earthquake in California.

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