Sanders Sides With Scandal-Plagued Tribe In Controversial Casino Deal

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    Sanders Sides With Scandal-Plagued Tribe In Controversial Casino Deal

    In a surprise move for a democratic socialist, Sen. Bernie Sanders has declared his support for a scandal-plagued Native American tribe at the center of a controversial casino deal.

    “I stand with the Mashpee Wampanoag tribe in their fight to restore lands that belong to them, and I oppose the disgraceful decision by the Trump Administration to disestablish their lands held in trust by the Department of Interior,” Sanders tweeted on Sunday. “We must reset the partnership between the federal government and Tribal Nations by putting land – and control of that land – back in the hands of tribes.”

    Sanders’ tweet was in response to Interior Secretary David Bernhardt’s decision to undo a questionable Obama-era decision by taking the tribe’s land out of trust and ordering the reservation be disestablished.

    The Mashpees are a Massachusetts-based tribe that has been lobbying for both recognition and a high-dollar casino deal for decades. They didn’t become a federally recognized tribe until 2007, and only after paying tens of thousands of dollars to corrupt D.C. lobbyist “Casino Jack” Abramoff.

    No surprise at all.

    Bernie figured he could do more good Alive than
    dead in a small plane "accident".
    I think he's right.

    Don't you?

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    The whole casino thing is riddled with corruption from top to bottom. I like the idea of Indian casinos because they live up to their nickname of “red man’s revenge.” They allow the tribes to extract money from non-Indians and use it for the common good of tribal members. And some tribes are very good about doing just that, making sure the profits are used wisely and distributed fairly. Other tribes simply give all the money to a tight circle of friends and family, shutting out the majority. I don’t know about the Mashpees, but they are tied in with some shady lobbyists.

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      I am a white woman who lives on a big reservation in MN. I do not see the bad management that you are talking about. Our casino is one of the biggest employers in the area – employing all races. They provide health care, good wages, and with money that is left over they supply the needs of their enrolled members. Given that 12 of my great grandchildren are Native American – some enroll – some not – I am in a position to see this first hand.

      Most of the older Native American casinos are well run and do benefit their communities but as the movement moved west too many of them did not have the experience to run them well and so they invited white managers in. That turned out to be a huge mistake. And that may be what is going on in this casino controvercy.


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    Ohio Barbarian
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    The whole tone of the article was to smear both Sanders and Native Americans. I think this is garbage.

    It is better to vote for what you want and not get it than to vote for what you don't want and get it.--Eugene Debs

    If Democrats don’t stand for the people, why should people stand for them?--Jim Hightower

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    It seems like other tribes and other opponents of the casino hired some Trump lackeys to lobby the orange one to oppose the tribe. Successfully, it seems.

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    SinMentiras SinVerguenza
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    I agree with OB that this hit piece about Sanders is suspect.  In fact, it seems like this outfit is a mile wide and a nano-meter thick with AstroTurf.  Reminds one of the millions of orphan websites that existed (and exist) which I would find binge-surfing in the early days.  It was thousands of hours wasted going down the maze of the intertubes but I did find SV and blue links and Manny and POS used car salesman and thus the Jackpine  (so it paid off Johnson).

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