Sanders urged to share vaunted donor list with Biden

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      The presidential campaigns for former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) appear to be working seamlessly together, but some Democrats are questioning why Sanders has not offered his vaunted fundraising list to help Biden overcome the massive cash deficit he faces against President Trump.

      Sanders has built an unmatched network of grass-roots liberal donors who helped him crush the competition in fundraising during the 2020 primary season. Biden, meanwhile, has run a shoestring campaign and faces a daunting challenge against Trump, who has raised more than $700 million this cycle and has about $250 million in the bank.

      Sanders’s list of supporters is viewed as one of the most valuable commodities in politics. Since suspending his campaign for president, Sanders has used it to raise money to reelect progressive members of Congress, to support state level progressives and to raise money for coronavirus relief efforts.

      But so far, at least, he hasn’t leveraged it to raise money for Biden, drawing criticism from some Democrats.

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      It would piss off too many voters to receive solicitations from Biden after they supported Sanders. As my friends say to their dog, “Drop it! Drop it!”

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      Sanders’ donors donated because of issues that Biden does not stand for. They won’t be giving to Biden.

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      IMO the DNC and Biden might just get embarrassed by the response.  I am assuming that recurring contributions cannot be just directed to Biden?

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      Bernie Boomer
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      when I got a text from the NVDems, asking me if I would join them in making “calls to check on people during the shut-down.”
      I responded and asked some questions:
      How did you get my cell phone number? The ONLY people who ever had that were the Sanders organizers during the campaign and that was only because I was a site lead.
      What is the real purpose of these calls? It wouldn’t be to encourage people to support Biden, would it?
      Why are you even contacting me? I DemExited the minute Bernie suspended his campaign.
      Not surprisingly, I got no response.

      The Sanders campaign may not have shared their donor list, but their Nevada surrogates sure shared something with the state party – and that is highly irksome.


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      Electrolyte Orchestra
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      We may piss off a lot of voters, but a few will donate to good ‘ Joe.

      Those pissed off voters will be the problem for the consultants in the next election. My job now is to get any drops of blood from the stone that I can.

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      leftcoast mountains
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      So far haven’t received another call. I’ve contributed to other campaigns so they could have gotten my number from them. Next time instead of hanging up I may blast them.

      vote for nobody

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      Back when I got junk mail from Lady Klynton Kissinger-Sachs, I used to send back messages in the postage-paid envelopes.

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      I love to do that! It is my little revenge waste  their money and give them the middle finger.. hey could i put that is my will? Please cut off my three middle fingers leaving the two outside figures bent and the middle one straight and send it to the DNC as a donation!


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      I told Bernie’s Campaign three times in 2016 that they do not have my permission to share my name with any other campaign.

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      Too late. Biden was purchased by corporate interests a long time ago.

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      Betty Karlson
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      Because pissing off his base like that would seriously tarnish his reputation.

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        Ohio Barbarian
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        @bettykarlson This time it was even worse because he dropped out and endorsed so freaking early. The only question for him is, Will releasing his donor list to Biden help or hurt Biden more? It could easily actually hurt him by pissing off some Bernie voters so much they vote for Trump out of spite.

        It is better to vote for what you want and not get it than to vote for what you don't want and get it.--Eugene Debs

        Show me a man that gets rich by being a politician, and I'll show you a crook.--Harry Truman

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          Betty Karlson
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          The establishment must be beyond blind, willfully ignorant, and deluded to keep asking for the donor list, if Bernie were to explain it like that.

          But they believe that voter-shaming will get us in line. Let them go bust. They deserve to lose every race. (And the same for the GOP.)

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          When he dropped out plus the coronavirus sidelined things (I have been noticing more hit pieces from progressives since the coronavirus started).

          Sanders endorsed Democratic Presidents in the past and said he would support the nominee. If he didn’t support Biden that would just confirm a talking point used against him while making a few of us happy.

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      Babel 17
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      If he did say that in the past then I can imagine him getting sued by a pissed off donor if he ever did share it. It’s not like a lawyer to file the papers would be hard to find. That’s not the publicity he’d want, or the legacy he’d want to leave. Such a move would get called out by some of the veterans who worked for him who now are seeking to carve their own paths within the overall progressive movement.

      Biden having been credibly accused of rape is the icing on the cake here, and Bernie is going to hate being repeatedly asked about that in the coming months. And anyone who’d bring that up might follow up with questions about Hunter Biden, who’ll be featured heavily in an ongoing Senate Committee investigation into Burisma Holdings. The joy of being a Biden surrogate when your life story stands in opposition to his life story. 😉

      Bernie got a pass on slobbering over Hillary Clinton in 2016 because she lost, never got to kill more brown people, or financially exploit them again, and he was seen as likely going to buck the establishment once more with another run. That situation no longer applies. Bernie should be careful about tying his legacy to that of Biden. If this rape accusation gains even more credibility, and/or more woman step forward, then he’ll be in a hell of a spot for extricating himself from Biden. The party would want his head if as Biden’s second most prominent backer, Obama being number one, he tried to later distance himself.

      But to go the distance with Biden, and he then gets humiliated on election day while being seen as a sexual predator and rapist, will give Bernie the reputation of being, in the end, basically at heart just another establishment politician, with situational ethics. The one-two of having been the most active surrogate of Clinton, and then Biden, will leave an indelible stain if Biden loses.

      If Biden wins then Bernie gets a chance to write a different finish to his career, though even under that more rosy scenario he’d have a hell of struggle to score progressive victories.

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      Populist Prole
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      The donor list are donors who are donors because they despise the status quo, and who are willing to fleece themselves in varying degrees ( and I’m one of them ) for a shot at head-butting the establishment right in the face.

      Why then does the establishment believe they can sweet talk us into supporting them? I don’t get it. It’s not like they haven’t already made it clear as to how they really feel about us.

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      HalfCentury Man
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      Is a large collection of different ways to say “fuck off”.

      Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.

      John F. Kennedy: 13 March 1962.

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      and Bernie rejected it.  I also think that there are FEC rules that prohibit a direct transfer.  Contributor lists are deemed property of the campaign and can not just be given to another.  At the very least Biden’s campaign would have to pay market value for that list.


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