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      “Sen. Bernie Sanders has convened a series of weighty discussions about the future of his presidential campaign with his closest confidants, and at least three potential paths forward have come up in the private talks,” the Washington Post reports.

      “One option that has been raised: keep the campaign technically active with a goal of winning votes and accumulating delegates to the July nominating convention, but forgo attack ads aimed at delegate leader Joe Biden. Another: stay in the race and aggressively compete for the nomination. A third choice: end the campaign.”

      Not a fan of the WaPo but since it can be a hassle to deal with their site’s cookies, here’s four of their paragraphs.

      The people with knowledge of the talks spoke on the condition of anonymity to describe sensitive conversations. They cautioned that other options or nuances may also be on the table and stressed that Sanders (I-Vt.) had not yet made up his mind and was still trying to reach out to supporters. A campaign spokesman did not dispute their account.


      In a sign of how close Sanders is keeping his deliberations, even longtime friends and associates have said in recent days that they have little idea of where he will come down. Those with knowledge of the private discussions said the conversations have been substantive and thoughtful and that they reflect how intensely the senator is grappling with his options.


      Larry Cohen, a close ally who helms a nonprofit aligned with the senator, is advocating that Sanders do three things: push for mail-in balloting for the remaining primaries to curb the risk to voters from the coronavirus; stay in the race to accumulate enough delegates to influence the party platform; and forge a working conversation with Biden that acknowledges that the former vice president, not him, has the path to a majority of pledged delegates.


      RoseAnn DeMoro, a close Sanders friend and former nurses’ union head, said Sanders should not approach the race as a done deal and ought to treat a come-from-behind victory in future contests as a possibility given the volatility of the times.

      Unsurprisingly, no mention of the what if Biden strokes out possibility. For all we know, Mr. Touchy-feely could be showing early signs of having the Coronavirus.

      What is a housebound Joe Biden doing all day?

      By Janet Hook / Staff Writer
      March 21, 2020
      9:56 AM
      WASHINGTON  — Do you wonder what Joe Biden is doing all day? Now that the former vice president’s campaign for the Democratic nomination is all but over, he’s been nearly totally eclipsed by news of the coronavirus outbreak and President Trump’s handling, and mishandling, of the crisis.

      Biden hopes to change that by meeting more frequently with the press, and got started Friday in a conference call with reporters. He gave quite a rundown of what he’s doing with his long days at home in Wilmington, Del., where he is cooped up like most Americans because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

      Not surprisingly for Biden, he’s doing a lot of talking. He said he spends up to seven hours a day on the phone — talking with governors, senators, House members, mayors, policy experts and hospital officials. And of course he talks to his own policy and political staffs, who also are mostly working from home, spread along the Eastern Seaboard.

      When people come to meet with him in Wilmington, Biden said, some wear masks and gloves. “We’re following the CDC guidelines,” he said.

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      Snort McDork
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      How he can catch the Corona Virus and drop out of the race. How he find a reasonable way to BS people that he is not sick, and how much longer he can hide to avoid making gaffes to the media.

      I'm Snort McDork and I approved this message.

      "I like birdy num-nums"

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      Must need to listen to a lot of records on the record player.

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      A Simple Game
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      Stay in the race until the bitter end because you never know what may happen to the other guy.  Which in this case that is entirely a possibility.  If it weren’t for the lock down I had anticipated Joe getting mad enough at a questioner to have slapped someone up side the head by now.  Damn virus.

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      He should fight like hell to win.

      Apparently, JoeMentia wants to nap for the next four months. Don’t let him.

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        Things have changed dramatically in the past week.  I’m sure a lot of those who have voted for Biden realize now that he does not support Medical for all.  They were not paying close enough attention.  They now know that Bernie is the only answer for our problems.  Bernie is the best direction for the US.

        “Go and tell Alexander that God the Supreme King is never the Author of insolent wrong, but is the Creator of light, of peace, of life, of water, of the body of man and of souls;...what Alexander offers and the gifts he promises are things to me utterly useless;..." Dandamis, a great sannyasi of Taxila.Excerpt From: Yogananda, Paramahansa. “Autobiography of a Yogi.”

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          Another agreeing with Rose Ann. Maybe the coronavirus is a divine intervention (said the atheist) and President Bernie will be sitting in the Oval Office come January 20, 2021.

          “We’re about to have an election in which Incompetent A is going to be contesting with Incompetent B when both of them have demonstrated nothing remotely like any shred of adequacy to the scope of the problems we face.”

          Richard Wolff

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      Electrolyte Orchestra
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      Joe will be the presumptive nominee right up to the convention, then he bows out and it’s cigar time in the back room.  Bernie’s delegates be damned, he conceded.

      The party strategy is Never Trump.  They want to run a ham sandwich against him. Joe certainly is that, but he is a gaffe machine and total liability in the open field. Once off-script, no telling what he’ll say , you dog-faced pony soldier.

      The Dems have a deep bench of ham sandwiches, most of whom can be trusted to not commit political hari-kari, unlike  Joe. Their new stooge will probably lose too.

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      Pelosi and Schumer do not care about the party platform in any way, shape, or form.   The platform is a useless joke.  Like in 2016, adding Bernie’s ideas to the platform is a meaningless sop.

      I hope Bernie stays in the race.  Bernie is the only reason I care about the race or the primaries.  As I am not a Democrat any more, it is not a question of which Democrat I will be voting for, it is a question of will I be voting Bernie or Green.  I understand that Bernie, like all the other candidates, pledged to support the “winner” What a fucking joke that is, if Biden is the “winner”.

      Obligatory note – yes I fucking right well understand the Greens cannot win.  That is not the fucking point and stop trying to force the assumption that winning is everything, for all of us.  Nope.  Electing a Vichy Dem is not “winning”.  Well, it is for the MIC and Wall Street and the banks and the .1%, but not us ordinary folks.

      Anyway, I did not sign any such thing, and, as the Vichy Dems and their little minions keep squawking about Bernie’s supporters being a cult – no you lame dumb-asses, you WISH we were a cult, and would do what Bernie says, if he says vote for Biden or whoever else.  But try really hard to understand that this is about issues and records, would you?  And eight years of Third Way neocon neoliberal Vichy Dem corruption is not something we all will vote for.  So fuck off.  If your candidate is so electable, you would not be bothering with progressives, now, would you.

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        Ohio Barbarian
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        @djean111 I am so sick of hearing about the Democratic Party platform. It don’t mean shit. One of my Vote Blue No Matter Who friends kept trying to get me to vote for Hillary because she had the most progressive platform EVAH! So what?

        Platforms don’t mean a damned thing once a politician gets elected, particularly if that politician has a history of being opposed to damned near everything on said platform.

        All this talk about improving the platform or “moving Biden to the left” is just an effort to sheepdog progressives back into the Democrat Party holding pen to wait for the slaughter of their dreams if and when the Vichy Dem nominee wins. No thanks.

        It is better to vote for what you want and not get it than to vote for what you don't want and get it.--Eugene Debs

        Show me a man that gets rich by being a politician, and I'll show you a crook.--Harry Truman

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