Sanders’s Staff Talked to White House Nearly Every Day When Pushing for $15 Wage

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      More recently, progressives have been critical of the White House in their choice to not overrule the parliamentarian and keep the minimum wage hike in the package anyway. Though the action would be carried out by Vice President Kamala Harris, many argue that Biden’s sway over the decision is powerful. Sanders, for his part, has been critical of the parliamentarian’s decision and has said that he believes that the Senate should ignore it, but hasn’t directly criticized Biden or the White House for their roles in the situation.

      Still, the relationship between Sanders and Biden’s chief of staff Ron Klain is “productive,” Faiz Shakir, Sanders’s chief political adviser, told Politico. “We have felt an open door where, if we have something that might be good policy and politics for them, we’re going to raise it and they’re going to entertain it in a serious way,” Shakir said.

      The partnership may signal a new kind of unity — one not necessarily focused entirely on unity with Republicans, but rather unity with the growing left wing of the Democratic Party. Barrón-López writes that the White House staff and Sanders’s staff are carefully wording statements in order to project a level of peace and harmony among the Democrats and progressives.

      Progressives have seemingly already had an influence over the 1994 crime bill-backing, Social Security-slashing president. While Biden’s cabinet, for instance, has many questionable picks from a progressive perspective, he’s also chosen people like progressive climate champion and Congresswoman Deb Haaland for top spots in his cabinet, earning praise from the left.

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      Where’s my stepdaughter’s $15 an hour? I don’t see Bernie Sanders getting anything done, and I don’t believe he is trying very hard. Sorry, he betrayed his own movement too many times for him to be trusted now. After all, he campaigned for that Fascist SOB in the White House. He has zero credibility.

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