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    Sane Progressive – Time to Stop Our Own BS – We Must Stand Against Empire

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    1. I love how she sees the bigger picture.

    Debbie Lusignan really is a sane progressive

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    2. Civil Disobedience?

    Henry Thoreau?

    On July 24 or July 25, 1846, Thoreau ran into the local tax collector, Sam Staples, who asked him to pay six years of delinquent poll taxes. Thoreau refused because of his opposition to the Mexican–American War and slavery.

    Where goes your ethical line, where goes the pragmatics, before you go to strike, refuse to work for the system, refuse to pay taxes? Continuous war? Drone assassinations Militarized cops? CIA and NSA Big Brother? Prison slavery with 13th amendment and drug war to fill the prisons? The list could go on and on… What more? Still something else, far worse?

    Or just practicalities, got kids etc. to feed, your career to worrie about, cops to worrie about? No organization of mutual support to stop your BS and stand up? Why not check if IWW can be of any use or what ever or create a new one?




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