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    I will not disclose where or what or who, but I will pass on this…..

    I work at a facility that requires the use of semi permeable protective clothing to prevent occupational exposure to hazardous substances. The company I work for is working under a federal government contract.

    It appears that we will not be able to get this protective clothing from the vendor in the near future. Additionally, a department within the federal government has requested that we submit the number of protective suits in our inventory for possible transfer. In other words, shut down a portion of our work and send the suits elsewhere.

    I’ll let you put two and two together to speculate why.

    On edit: My understanding is that it is all in the name of taking precautionary measures. Being prepared ahead of time. Defense in depth. That sort of thing.

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    You’re saying, you work for a facility that is in need of protective gear.

    Next, this protective gear is going to be in short supply, and one can not get new gear to supplement the pre-existing ones.

    Lastly, some of the current supply is being re-allocated to go towards the government?

    WOAH….  Am I getting this right?

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    in short supply because demand up or supply down?

    different speculations in each case

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    So, the theory is that the Government is stockpiling this PPE in case of a domestic outbreak of the viral type?

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    Hi mick,

    Sounds like the coronavirus may be something in our future.  Thanks for sharing.


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    the very expensive and newly constructed cleanroom has yet to be utilized–been sitting unused for several months–and the prep area is completely devoid of any PPE.

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    well at least this shows the lights are on somewhere in Washington on this …

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