Schifftless: One of the greatest pushers of disgraced Steele Dossier is trying to distance himself from it

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      Schiff acknowledged that anyone who lied to the FBI and to British ex-spy Christopher Steele should be prosecuted during a Tuesday appearance on The View, where he was grilled by Donald Trump’s former deputy secretary of state Morgan Ortagus over his role in the ever-metastasizing Russiagate scandal. However, the California Democrat managed to evade further questioning along that line with a bit of whataboutism, pointing out former president’s pardoning of several cabinet officials who had been – in the ex-president’s eyes – unfairly imprisoned.

      Former deputy secretary of state Morgan Ortagus attempted to nail Schiff over his responsibilities for pouncing on the fabricated documents comprising the dossier, including the infamous ‘peepee tape,’ which has effectively been proven to be made up out of whole cloth with the arrest of the infamous Steele dossier’s primary source, Igor Danchenko.

      “You defended, promoted, you even read into the congressional record the Steele dossier,” Ortagus observed, asking if he had “any reflections on [his] role” in pushing the sham report.

      But Schiff repeatedly insisted there was “no way we could know” that the Steele dossier was a phony, even though most journalists who received the report commissioned by the Hillary Clinton campaign’s associates at Fusion GPS were suspicious and opted not to publish. It was only after Buzzfeed News finally opted to run with the story that it exploded to dominate the news, casting a shadow over Trump’s entire presidential term.

      He strikes me as the head of the House Lack of Intelligence Committee.

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      Joe Shlabotnik
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      I cant help but think that he’s the inspiration for the term Backpfeifengesicht

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      “no way we could know” then how did all of these investigative journalists find out it was all BS? Honestly, I wish some journalist out there would hammer him until he gave a strong answer instead of constantly weaseling out. I have discovered in my own experience with people who have embraced corp-speak, that it takes about twenty minutes to get a straight answer. By then, they are so frustrated, that they tell the truth out of desperation to stop the questioning.

      The people-to-cake ratio is too high.

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