Schumer Backs Sanders’ Proposal to Include Dental, Hearing, and Vision Care in Medicare

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      Following calls from progressives to include an expansion of Medicare in the infrastructure bill being negotiated in Congress, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer announced late Sunday his support for covering dental, vision, and hearing care under the popular 56-year-old program, backing a proposal long pushed by Sen. Bernie Sanders.

      “With the current Medicare platform, those three things are just left out, like it’s no big deal. But it is a big deal and we should fix it,” Schumer told reporters at a news conference.

      Schumer’s statement echoed recent remarks by Sanders, who last week tweeted, “I do not think it is too radical an idea to say that keeping teeth in your mouth should not be a luxury,” and highlighted how the introduction of Medicare in 1965 ended earlier healthcare injustices in the United States.

      The progressive push for a bolder and much more comprehensive infrastructure plan stands in stark contrast to the paltry proposal put forth by a bipartisan group of centrist, more corporate-friendly Senators.

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      is a kiss of death for any expansion?  Schumer’s negotiation prowess is more in line with ending up worse off than before he started.

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      Faux progressive campaign creds.  Probably discussed the sad but inevitable ending with Pelosi before he said a word about it.

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      Not before. My ancestors helped found Missouri. Show me.

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