Schumer calls for investigation into firing of former U.S. attorney Geoffrey Berman

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      I didn’t know this was a thing, but Senators from a nominee’s home state can block the nomination.  Props to Shumer for his willingness to use that power.

      “I am calling for a three-pronged investigation that involves three entities: First, the Judiciary Committee, second, the Office of Professional Responsibility at DOJ and third, the Inspector General’s Office at DOJ,” Schumer said at his weekly press conference at his midtown Manhattan office.

      “I demanded an investigation because the late Friday night dismissal reeked of potential corruption of the legal process, and I asked what is angering President Trump?” Schumer said. “A previous action by his U.S. attorney or one that is on-going? Is what’s bothering President Trump the U.S. attorney’s office engagement with Mr. Cohen, Mr. Giuliani, the President himself or something else?”

      Schumer also called on Jay Clayton, Mr. Trump’s nominee, to immediately withdraw his name from consideration. Clayton currently serves as the Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission and comes with a long history of work as a corporate lawyer. However, the 53-year-old Virginia native holds no experience as a federal prosecutor, which is normally considered a prerequisite to being named as a U.S. attorney.

      “Jay Clayton should immediately withdraw from consideration to be U.S. attorney. He should not be an accomplice to corrupt schemes and intrigue by the president and Mr. Barr,” Schumer proclaimed.


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      and actually do their job.

      Events/statements which fit my world view require no 'evidence'. Those that offend my world view will never convince me with their 'evidence' (though I will still demand it).

      If you post something that the 'bad guys' said or did, I will not address or react to that directly. Instead I will come back with a 'whatabout' diversion that focuses on the 'other guys' said or did, or will 'undoubtedly' say or do.

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      Poor Schummy baby.  He should probably investigate the corrupt Bidens also, while he is at it.

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      Fuck Chuck Schumer and the horse he rode in on. What credibility does the senator for Israel even have anymore?

      All governments lie to their citizen's, but only Americans believe theirs.

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