Scott Ritter: Ukraine cannot win this war. It’s a ‘fantasy.’

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      Scott has an excellent discussion of the history of arms control, how it started and how the US dismantled it.  This begins after his review of the title subject Why Ukraine cannot win this war.

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      and the UK to openly join in.  He seems to be getting more frantic.

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      A YouTube comment – we need new conspiracy theories – the old ones have all come true.

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        Ukraine can’t win – but I worry about what happens if the US and NATO decide to send their troops and weapons into Ukraine in a full scale invasion across the Dnieper into what was Ukraine and what’s now Russia.

        Even Zelensky remembers that the Minsk accords existed as he says there will be no Minsk 3. None of this had to happen, hundreds of thousands did not have to die, and millions did not have to flee Ukraine.

        All it took would have been for Biden to encourage the implementation of diplomatic agreements of the Minsk accords, agreed to by the UN Security Council when he was Vice-President, rather than to provide what seems to be unlimited weapons to Kyiv.

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      If he cuts a pragmatic deal with America where the administration gets to declare that they compelled Putin to stand down, the American negotiators know he’d be likely to stick to it.

      And a well crafted deal could cut Zelenskyy out, while assuring that Ukraine would get “taken care of” by Western nations. Ukraine gets demilitarized, and Putin goes along with the West grifting away in Ukraine, and maybe even kicking in some money to keep Ukraine fed, happy, and demilitarized.

      Sure, the current leaders of the West’s ultimate goal would remain to get Russia subordinate to the new world order, but maintaining their personal political power and finances is Job Number One.

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