Sea Level Rise!

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      Sea level has been stable, at current levels, throughout recorded history for 5,000 years. That’s about to change. Still, it’s very difficult for people to imagine a change in sea level after 5,000 years of rock solid stability.

      Nevertheless, assuming sea levels do rise markedly, one of the biggest questions of the century is whether the world is prepared for sea level rise?

      As a guess, the answer is: No, not even close.

      Well, they better start making plans because there’s no stopping at 410 ppm CO2 and +1°C post-industrial temperature, sea level rise is locked and loaded. It’s only a matter of when how much.

      A recent scientific forum offers insight. In February 2019, John Englander, oceanographer and world-renown sea level expert, spoke at The Royal Institution, London, which is affectionately called “the home of science.” It’s one of the world’s most prestigious and long-standing institutions.


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      Well, I guess all I can say is – they will care when California, Florida, NY and DC are swallowed by the oceans. And maybe when all their beach homes in the Hamptons disappear.

      I think they’re all banking on being dead before the shit hits the fan, so they really don’t give a shit about their kids and grandkids and the population as a whole.

      This is one time I’m happy I live in Illinois surrounded by corn fields.


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        easy for you to say @incognito. I spent all spring looking up at ships on the river, just a few blocks away.

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          Daaaamn..on a river? A flooded river?

          I do live just a block away from a major Illinois river. Though I am way up high from it, but I suppose it’s not impossible I get flooded with dam breaks. I’m in-between 2 dams.

          That has to be a frightful view so close to your home! Scary shit.

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