Sears closing 80 more stores in March as it faces possible liquidation

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      Sears plans to close 80 more stores across the U.S. in March, as the bankrupt retailer may be forced to liquidate its business entirely, CNBC has learned.

      The department store operator told employees Thursday that it plans to shut another round of Kmart and Sears stores next year, in addition to those that are already in the process of going dark. When Sears filed for bankruptcy on Oct. 15, it was still operating a little under 700 stores. At that time, the company said it would close 142 unprofitable stores. In November, it announced the closure of 40 additional stores.

      Sears told workers this week that it expects to begin liquidation sales at the 80 stores (addresses listed below) in two weeks. The accompanying Sears Auto Centers will also be shut.


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      If this were a just society, Eddie Lampert would have been strung up years ago. This little tidbit from his wikipedia bio pretty much sums him up, at least for me: “Lampert is the owner of the 87.78 m (288 ft) motor luxury yacht named Fountainhead.”


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      —bailed them out.

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