Second-Richest Man Jeff Bezos Defends Oil Industry Price-Gouging

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      On Saturday, Bezos accused President Joe Biden of “misdirection” and ignorance “of basic market dynamic” in response to a tweet from the president which called on companies setting gasoline prices to “bring down the price you are charging.”

      While Bezos’ comment sparked a sharp response from White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre — who said pump prices remaining constant despite a steep drop in crude oil prices isn’t “basic market dynamics” but rather “a market that is failing the American consumer” — progressive critics also jumped into the fray.

      In an earlier response, Gunnels pointed out the massive profits Amazon has enjoyed during the pandemic even as the retail raised prices for its consumers and launched an aggressive anti-union campaign against company employees organizing for better wages and working conditions.

      “Ouch,” tweeted Gunnels. “Amazon falsely blamed inflation on a 17% price hike on a Prime membership after its profit skyrocketed 453% since the pandemic while avoiding $5 billion in taxes, paying union busters $375 an hour and denying workers paid sick leave. The problem is corporate greed, boss.”

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