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    Secret Service laptop with Trump Tower floor plans, details on Clinton email …

    Secret Service laptop with Trump Tower floor plans, details on Clinton email probe stolen in New York

    A laptop computer containing floor plans for Trump Tower, details on the criminal investigation of Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server and other national security information was stolen from a Secret Service agent’s vehicle in New York City on Thursday, law enforcement sources tell ABC News.


    edit for updated story at link: When first up the page had a lot more specific information, like someone was dropped off opened the door of a car in the driveway and walked away wearing a backpack. Now it describes the theft simply as “a break-in.” Interesting evolution.

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  • jdpriestly (5879 posts)
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    1. The question is why the same laptop would contain the Trump Tower floor

    plans and details on the Clinton e-mail probe.  Those distinct matters on one and the same laptop?

    I think there is much more to this story than meets the eye.  Were the documents ON the laptop or just accessible from the laptop.  Does the floor plan of Trump tower have anything at all to do with the Clinton e-mail scandal???  Seems a bit unbelievable.  But why would documents related to those two matters be on one laptop?

    The Secret Service investigates cybercrime.  Could both the Trump Tower floor plan and Clinton’s e-mail scandal have to do somehow with cybercrime?

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    • Peacebird (840 posts)
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      2. Secret Service in NY need floor plans of tower to protect Trump

      why they would have Clinton investigation details I do not know

      • Koko (4175 posts)
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        3. ABC doesn't say where info on Hillary's "email invesitation"

        came from or how they knew that.   I can see SS having info on Trump’s floorplan to protect him but the other two claims seem strange.

  • ChiciB1 (659 posts)
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    4. I Didn't Think I Could Become MORE CYNICAL… But These Days I'm Simply

    unable to separate fact from fiction!  I’ve begun to think we’re being played by this narcissistic POTUS who WILL do WHATEVER, HOWEVER and TO ANYONE underhanded what to me seem like criminal acts, simply to prove ANYTHING he feels “we the people” should NEVER question!  Even when proven WRONG by people in power, he’s going to find a way to make his STUPID followers that he’s the ONLY one who knows ALL THE TRUTH!

    Too much has been turned on it’s head and I’m beginning to wonder how very afraid we should be!  I know, I am sounding crazy!  Maybe I’m just having a very bad day!

    I’m NOT coming to the aid of HER, but this kind of propaganda might make others feel SHE was right all along!  SO NOT TRUE!


  • winter is coming (985 posts)
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    5. Sounds like the CIA is planning a leak. n/t

    • glinda (2170 posts)
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      6. Something might leak. Convenience?

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    • bemildred (5083 posts)
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      9. Yep.

      It ain't the things you don't know that hurts you, it's the things you know that ain't so.
  • Fasttense (1606 posts)
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    7. Why are the Trumps even in the towers anymore?

    Sometimes presidents and their families have to make sacrifices and downgrading to the US Whitehouse is one of those sacrifices.

    • 2cannan (1418 posts)
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      8. I agree, that's part of the deal and "privilege". Unfortunately trump and

      his family are able to get away with anything.

    • cyberpj (2390 posts)
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      11. So youngest can finish the school year where he is. nt

  • cyberpj (2390 posts)
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    10. LOL! Retraction on the Hillary Info! The story changes by the minute…

    Editor’s note: This story originally stated that the stolen laptop contained details of the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server, per law enforcement officials. A law enforcement official has since told ABC News that the Secret Service did not investigate Clinton’s emails and there would have been no reason for such information to be on a Secret Service laptop. This story has been updated accordingly.

    Other info:

    “Secret Service-issued laptops contain multiple layers of security including full disk encryption and are not permitted to contain classified information,” the statement continued.

    The agency said an investigation is ongoing and that it would withhold further comment “until the facts are gathered.”

    Authorities are still searching for the laptop, according to law enforcement sources. Police expect to quickly identify the suspect from video evidence, the sources said.

    The computer is encrypted and authorities are able to wipe the hard drive remotely if needed.