Secretive right-wing nonprofit plays role in COVID-19 organizing

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      Working alongside close allies that have helped coordinate the protests, including Stephen Moore of the Heritage Foundation and FreedomWorks, Council for National Policy Action (CNP Action) has been hosting conference calls and publishing action memos around reopening states’ economies.

      CNP Action is the 501(c)(4) nonprofit affiliate of the Council for National Policy (CNP), a coalition of far-right political advocacy and think tank figures that has worked largely behind the scenes since its founding in 1981. CNP’s membership includes conservative Republicans and right-wing extremists who work together to shape policy. Trump allies, including senior adviser Kellyanne Conway and former chief adviser Steve Bannon, were CNP members as of 2014. Vice President Mike Pence and Trump’s lawyer Jay Sekulow have also been members, according to a recently published book by Anne Nelson.

      Since last month, CNP Action has hosted weekly conference calls to coordinate coronavirus response tactics. The first call featured Moore, who founded the Committee to Unleash Prosperity, the Heritage Foundation’s Ed Meese, and Al Regnery, chairman of CNP’s Conservative Action Project and the cousin of prominent white nationalist William Regnery (who funds neo-Nazi Richard Spencer).

      Moore has called the lockdown protesters “the modern-day Rosa Parks” for “protesting against injustice and a loss of liberties….”


      More assholes follow in the rest of the article.

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      this is a public health issue; it is not a political issue. Anyone who falls for that red herring will be swept away with the virus. Mother Nature doesn’t play politics. As Thomas Friedman said in an opinion piece a couple days ago, “Mother Nature is not only all powerful, she’s also unfeeling….She can inflict her virus on your grandmother on Monday and blow down your house with a tornado on Wednesday and come back on Friday and flood your basement. She can hit you in the spring, give you a warm hug in summer and hammer you in the fall.”

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