Sen. Lindsey Graham may have exposed multiple senators to COVID-19 on Joe Manchin’s DC houseboat

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      • Sen. Joe Manchin hosted multiple senators, including Lindsey Graham, on his houseboat over the weekend.
      • Graham announced that he tested positive for COVID-19 on Monday morning.
      • Manchin and Sens. Jacky Rosen and Mark Kelly were all in contact with Graham on the boat.

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      I’m going to guess that most senators got both doses before New Year’s Day.

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      his good friend Feinstein was there?

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      Manchin sitting around drinking Mint Juleps with his good buddy, Lyndsey?

      I bet they had a rousin’ match of horseshoe tossin’, too.

      I wonder if Lyndsey will need the stem-cell treatment they gave to the Donald? Not if the vaccination works, of course, but he already has flu-like symptoms, according to the op. Of course, that doesn’t mean the little bitch isn’t begging for stem cells anyway.

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      ….now THAT is not a good vision for a Devil to have!

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