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  • caliny (2246 posts)
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    Sen. Sanders response to the WP

    What should we do if the president is a liar?

    I find it interesting that Ms. Phillips did not take issue with my facts. Her complaint appears to be that it is improper for a United States senator to state the obvious. And that is that we have a president who either lies intentionally or, even more frighteningly, does not know the difference between lies and truth.

    What do you think?

    It is easy to know how we respond to a president with whom we disagree on many, many issues. I disagree with Trump’s support for repealing the Affordable Care Act. I disagree with Trump’s plan to give huge tax breaks to billionaires. I disagree with Trump’s appointment of an anti-environmental EPA administrator. I disagree with Trump’s appointments of major Wall Street executives to key economic positions and his plans to loosen regulations on Wall Street designed to protect consumers. And on and on and on! These strong policy disagreements are a normal part of the political process. He has his views. I have mine.


    But how do we deal with a president who makes statements that reverberate around our country and the world that are not based on fact or evidence? What is the appropriate way to respond to that? And if the media and political leaders fail to call lies what they are, are they then guilty of misleading the public?




    Article he’s talking about

    The sorry state of political discourse right now, in five Bernie Sanders tweets



    so far the comments are all negative to  Amber Phillips

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  • jdpriestly (5877 posts)
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    1. I'm with Bernie on this.

    I think that Trump is a bully.  We saw that in the way he waged personal, embarrassing attacks on those running against him in the Republican primary and the way he comments on women’s bodies.

    I also think that Trump discourages (to put it mildly) criticism of himself by his subordinates, that people around him are overly, dangerously loyal and afraid to criticize or even disagree with him about important things, and therefore he is used to making assertions that feel right to him but are, objectively, false.

    We have a problem with Donald Trump, and he is it.  Normally I like to stick to the issues, but in the case of Donald Trump v. America, Donald Trump’s personality, neuroses, maybe even psychoses, what do I know,  but certainly his lying is an issue.  It has become so apparent that it has risen to an issue.  Do we want a president who tries to tell the truth and allows himself to be corrected when he makes a mistake? Or do we want a president who feel himself superior to the truth and who creates his own fake facts?

    Those are the issues.

    No Truth!  No Trust!  Bernie or Bust!
  • 2bAnon (4163 posts)
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    2. It's a very serious issue we had better get our heads around post haste

    as a society.  And by so doing, we just might be able to manifest that resolve on the matter of truth vs fiction as regards the media, and the entire spectrum of governance and into the public fora.  Notwithstanding of course the nature of human perceptions of “truth”  vs “fiction” based on their own personal life experience.  which is an obvious problem in itself.



  • WillyT (10710 posts)
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    3. Thank You For This !!!



    • caliny (2246 posts)
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      4. You're very welcome

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